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Pippin. As in Peregrin Took, Prince Of The Halflings, Thain, Master and Mayor Countersellors of the North-Kingdom, and... Glaswegian Hobbit. He is my favourite character (though I am quite partial to a bit of Mr. Cheekbones), my favourite Hobbit, for he is fantastic.

Pippin starts out as a young care-free Hobbit, with no worries nor knowledge about the outside world. All that changes when he accompanies his close friend Frodo on his quest to take the one Ring to Rivendell, and then onto Mordor. Although Pippin doesnt make it all the way into Mordor with Frodo (he got captured by Orcs in his travels), he has an adventure all of his own; he escapes from the Orcs and meets up with an Ent known as Treebeard. Then, with some help from Merry, he convinces the Ent to get hasty, and do some damage in Isengard. And let me just say, that if thats what an Ent does when it's 'Hasty', I'd hate to see what it would do if it were down right pissed off.

After all that though, he ends up in Minas Tirith, and there is hailed as "Prince Of The Halflings." In Minas Tirith, he meets up with Denethor, Steward of Gondor, and offers his services to the man. No, not in that way you sick individual! Get your mind out of the gutter! Pippin became a soldier of Gondor.

Throughout the books, Pippin grows up - he starts out as a young boy, but by the end of Return Of The King he has matured into an adult. He's my favourite character because of this; because of the way he matures, and of the wide range of experiences he has to go through and endure. He is thrown into a world he had no idea of, and he has to deal with it. And he does a magnificent job, if I do say so myself.

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