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From his appearance at I-Con
"We became incredibly close ... With this movie it's definitely different...Everyone is constantly in touch with everyone else. I saw Dom three weeks ago, I went to stay with him and Elijah in LA. I don't know if Peter Jackson is just an incredible judge of character and he knew we would get along, or if it was just luck, but I think from the day we got there, we knew it would be something special."

"In a technical way, that meant that there was no acting required of the Hobbits' friendship. It meant you could concentrate on the scenes and not worry about acting like friends because we were already best mates."

"Pippin's the same when the Fellowship loses Gandalf at Moria. Gandalf's almost like a God to Pippin. I suppose it would be like losing a parent when you're very young."

"Actually, it's impossible to speak about Pippin without mentioning Merry. His [Pippin's] whole life is about his friends, and especially about Merry. The two of them are as close as friends can be- closer than family- so close you can't even imagine one of them doing something without the other."

On Elijah & his portrayal of Frodo:
"He's an absolute idiot! No, no - he's amazing. It's perfect casting. Such a great guy. For someone who came from Hollywood as a child actor and matured into a man, he's such a beautiful human being. Perfect casting for Frodo, because he's got all those depths."

"I loved The Goonies, and The Ice Storm for Elijah. One time coming back to New Zealand from England, I was in a hotel and jet-lagged and forgot I'd asked Sean to get me a copy of Rudy because I never saw it. And I was in tears at 4 in the morning! I called him Rudy for months after that."

"The rain came through so you were walking around in puddles of cold water. I remember doing one night shoot when my feet have never felt so uncomfortable. I was almost in tears. It was quite a relief when they called a wrap."

On his acting ambitions:
"I can't think of a actual moment that I thought 'I'm definitely gonna be an actor from now on' but I remember being in eh guidance meetings which you used to have a school when they'd ask you what do you wanna be and I said an actor and the guidance teacher said well I- I- I wouldn't tell anyone else that."

"Hobbits are a lot like Scots. It's all about nature and enjoying their land,
which is a very Scottish thing."

"I realized that it was just about Pippin and some other people!" After reading 'Lord of the Rings' for the first time

"Pippin does have a habit of doing the wrong things at the wrong time! Although, to be fair, as the story develops, we see Pippin going through all kinds of experiences and becoming more mature"

Working as a bookbinder, Boyd had plenty of time on his hands and books to read. "I had to put the covers on The Lord of the Rings, but I never read it. It was just too big." he says. "I finally read it when I knew I was playing Pippin." --(Jan 2002)

Boyd took a lot more away from the set than a pair of brass feet --he took 18 months of utterly extraordinary experiences with some of the finest actors working today. "I've taken a lot of stuff away --technically, as an actor, I've taken so much, just from working with Ian McKellen, John Rhys Davies, Christopher Lee, and Ian Holm, who's always been a great hero of mine --I couldn't believe it when I was actually on set with him."

"...We used to have a thing on set, that whenever Elijah -you know he wears (the Ring) around his neck?- whenever it would come out of his costume, between shots and that, myself and Dom would sneak up on him and try to get it off him...That was good fun." --Billy (Aug 2001)

"Peter doesn't know this... but I broke my finger surfing"!

About losing the Empire awards to Orli:
"Fuck Empire! You had to give Best Debut to Mr. Cheekbones, didn't ya?!"

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