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Name: William 'Billy' Boyd
D.O.B: 28th August 1968
Born: Glasgow (and he still lives there)
Hair: Fair
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'6" (Not 3'6"...)
Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite Drink: Malt Whisky
Tattoos: One, the fellowship tattoo (the word '9' in Elvish)
Hobbies: Surfing, singing/playing the guitar, drinking, dancing, and just generally having a good time!
Most famous for: Does the word 'Pippin' mean anything to you?
His NZ Greenstone was given to him by: Orlando Bloom (I found this out in person, when I saw him at Collectormania 3!)


Clean Driving Licence
Foil fencing (Grade 7)
Jeet Kune Do (Phase 4)
Phillipino Kali (Phase 4)
Guitar / Bass Guitar
Good Ear for Accents(Native Glaswegian)
Strong Tenor / Light Baritone Voice, F# to A above middle C over 2 octaves

Talented man, dont you think?

Other Facts:

Writes With: Right Hand
Parents: William and Mary Boyd.
Former Schooling: Ruchazie Primary School (Billy starting acting) Cranhill Secondary (There was no acting offered so Billy stopped acting) Attended the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama and graduated with a Diploma in Dramatic Arts (age 24)
Former Jobs: Pub Rocker and Book Binder (age 21)
Acting: Started acting when 24 "I loved performing, so I thought I’d give acting a go." After graduating school Billy took a trip to the States. He had a lot of work on stage in Britain and some low budget British movies.
Favourite Comedians: funnyman Peter Sellers and the Marx Brothers (also Dom’s favorite.)
Current Dealings with Dom: writing a movie script "it’s a comedy" says Boyd. "a very funny guy" about Dom says Boyd.

Billy is the most eligible man in Scotland according to Scotland on Sunday's Top 50 Eligible men! Here's what they said:

Conquests: Billy is a self-confessed ladies man and he is currently keeping his options open.
Pluses: He'd fight for you and in some style. Some type of judo-type thingie.
Minuses: Being chased by hobbit freaks.
Haunts: At forthcoming Lord of the Rings premieres all around the world, in city pubs with his website designer Billy has a slightly off-the-wall sense of humour.

Billy had been voted second up until the latest poll - Prince William having beaten him to the top spot... which doesnt make much sense on my end as Prince William ISNT BLOODY SCOTTISH!

Lord of the Rings was the only book Billy did not read while working as a book binder. He tried to read it once once when on holiday in the USA but after a few chapters he dropped it into the pool! Ooops!

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