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Pippin has something of a large appetite. I find that his appetite shows most in the early chapters of Return Of The King, when Pippin is in Minas Tirith. This page is a collection of quotes showing Pippins extraordinary appetite.

'It cannot be more than nine o'clock,' he thought. 'I could now eat three breakfasts on end.'

'Nine o'clock we'd call it in the Shire,' said Pippin aloud to himself. 'Just the time for a nice breakfast by the open window in spring sunshine. And how I should like breakfast! Do these people ever have it, or is it over? And when to they have dinner, and where?'

'... but I am forgetting my errand, which was first to answer what you would ask. What would you know, Master Peregrin?'
'Er, well,' said Pippin. 'If I may venture to say so, rather a burning question in my mind at present is, well, what about breakfast and all that? I mean, what are the meal-times, if you understand me, and where is the diningroom, if there is one? And the inns? I looked, but never a one could I see as we rode up, though I bad been borne up by the hope of a draught of ale as soon as we came to the homes of wise and courtly men.'

'What is the time?' said Pippin yawning.
'Past the second hour,' said Gandalf. 'Time to get up and make yourself presentable. You are summoned to the Lord Of The City to learn your new duties.'
'And will he provide breakfast?'
'No! I have provided it: all that you' will get till noon. Food is now doled out by order.'

Pippin looked ruefully at the small loaf and (he thought) very inadequate pat of butter which was set out for him, beside a cup of thin milk.

'... and I'm not used, Master Beregond, to waiting hungry on others while they eat. It is a sore trial for a Hobbit, that.'

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